IMG_20150308_162418“Justice is what Love looks like in public.” — Cornell West

As Unitarian Universalists, we talk a lot about social justice. Our longstanding belief in “deeds, not creeds” has meant that justice work is foundational to our praxis. Still, in many congregations and therefore, in many UU lives, there remains a gap between what our faith calls us to do and what we, ourselves, do.

As a minister, I talk  a lot about justice. Mine is an empowered voice. I write about justice; I promote justice issues on social media. What matters more, perhaps, is what I do for justice – what I show up for. Below, you will see a sample of some of the justice work I have done.

  • Immigration Justice Coalition of Laramie County (2012-present)
  • Cheyenne Stands for Standing Rock (2016)
  • Participant and speaker, local MLK marches (2012-present)
  • Vigil leader, Orlando memorial (2016)
  • Police Citizen’s Advisory Council – 2016
  • 50th Anniversary Civil Rights March, Selma (03/2015)
  • Family Promise volunteer (2012-present)
  • local co-organizer, Occupy Roanoke, 2011
  • participant, Standing on the Side of Love AZ campaign against SB 1070, 2010Audette-Arizona
  • Cool Congregations Faith Working Group, 2009-2010 (local/environmental)
  • Roundtable on Race, co-operative community partnership with Ferrum College, Bethel AME of Rocky Mt, and UUCR – co-leader (2003–5)
  • Alternatives to War, co-founder (2002–4)
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network, volunteer (2001– 2011)
  • Building Bridges Racial Dialogues, Asheville, NC (1999)
  • Facilitator, NCCC’s Global Climate Change Project training conference (02/2001)
  • Prison Chaplain, Napa Valley State Mental Hospital, Napa Valley, CA (1998)
  • Art Teacher, Shelter for Battered Women, Charlotte, NC (1994)
  • Rape Crisis Counselor, Greenville, SC (1991)
  • Counselor & Tutor, Violent Youth Offenders, Columbia, SC (1988)