Into the Storm

  “There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” — Willa Cather

I am writing from the – for now – safe haven of New York City. But my mother and my husband’s family are all in the affected areas of Hurricane Harvey, a storm already slated to to be the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. For those of us not in Texas, it’s hard to understand the scope, even when we see it on television or in pictures: the sheer enormity of the destruction. Only about 15% of the flood-affected had flood insurance; 185, 149 homes were damaged or destroyed, and at least 22% of those folks already lived below the poverty line. (For more information, see: )

This post isn’t really about the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, as important as that is (and you can see the bottom of this post for suggestions on how to help). It’s about how the reality of the storm meets the feeling so many of us have had of living in tempest-toss’d days.

Reverence Road: Just Us

RRJU1“Sometimes there’s justice. Sometimes, there’s just us.” (unknown)

Hey, out there. Welcome. Will you walk with me a while? 

I’ve been calling my journey “Reverence Road” for a some time now. It captures the sense of what I feel I’m up to: traveling, trying to figure things out, and working hard to remember to find the wonder in what’s around us. For me, reverence is the road…but I’ve also felt a bit lonely on the path. I’m hoping to turn a corner here, and see if maybe some of us can go together. Kindred spirits, maybe. Soulmates. Pals.

Here in the US (as in so many places all over the world), we’re facing some very tough times. Beyond that, regardless of your where, as humankind we join all other beings on Earth in a pretty at-risk adventure in the coming days, thanks to climate change –  for which we are responsible. So maybe that’s one way of jumping into what I hope this blog will be about: responsibility. Responsibility, but also love, hope, authenticity, maybe some anger and inspiration? 

My intention – and we all have the best of them, don’t we? – is to write posts that have a certain arc: the Gate – an inspirational or framing quote; something to get your own reflective juices flowing. Next, Stones in the Road – the things I am wrestling with, the things that hurt or make me scared or frustrate the hell out of me. Maybe you, too? But the last bit is simply the Journey, because for better or worse, that’s what we’re on, and even if we sit down on our butts and have a good cry or give up…we’re still on this road, together.

I want justice. But I think it’s just us here, and any closer we come to that glorious goal is only going to come by what we – that’s you, and me, and us together – what we do. You really matter, you know. You matter to me – we can be less lonely together, you can inspire me and maybe sometimes I’ll cheer you up a little or we’ll learn important new things together. I want to hear what you’re struggling with, what you’ve discovered really works (or doesn’t work!), I want to know what you’re eager to figure out. Like I said: the road gets lonely, without some companions. So, will you walk with me, and talk about politics and God/ish and relatives and death, sex and money and what makes us laugh? I hope so. See you out there.  – Audette